Announcing the release of an illustrated ebook describing step by step first temple degree lodge initiation part 1- as given in the Rosicrucian/AMORC temple. Upon release (December 15, 2013) the book will be available for free download for a limited period of time on Amazon Kindle. AN OPEN LETTER TO CHRISTIAN BERNARD, VENERATED IMPERATOR OF THE ROSICRUCIAN ORDER AMORC
Esteemed and Venerated Imperator-

As you may have heard, I, Pierre S. Freeman, the author of The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked, have taken grave exception to the practices and agenda of your organization, Ancient Mystical Order Of Rosæ Crucis, known to the world as AMORC. For this reason, I extend to you the opportunity to answer personally some of the questions that have troubled me and to defend your organization from the charges I have seen fit to make against it.

Does not AMORC introduce in the Initiate Section DEGREE 9 Number 24, the occult faculty of ASSUMPTION, which it defines as the ability "to assume momentarily the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of another person, so as to obtain this person's assistance or to provide assistance to him or her?" Disregarding the caveat that this is only possible if one's intentions are pure and the affirmation that this concept must be in alignment with Cosmic Consciousness, isn't the bottom line that this is an example of one living human being TAKING COMPLETE POSSESSION OVER THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, without their permission or knowledge?

Further in Initiate Section DEGREE 9 Number 24, does it not clarify that ASSUMPTION is used for the purpose of advantaging oneself? Does it not say that in life, the member has often needed to approach people "to seek their approval, consent, authorization, or support for something concerning your family, social, or professional life?" Further does it not go onto saying that it is the case when a member seeks "employment," to "pass an oral examination", or needs "special authorization to undertake an important project, etc.?" In order to provoke positive responses from such people, does not AMORC say clearly that "In applying assumption, it is possible to momentarily act on the personality of these individuals and influence their behavior toward us? In other words, we can act in such a way that they will think, speak, and act in accordance with our will, without even being aware of it." Is manipulating another person against their will to affect your personal will very obviously a form of black magic? Is not taking over another person's consciousness in order to manipulate his thoughts and emotions an extreme violation of his rights to privacy and personal freedom?

In Celestial Ascent Number 1, Experiment 93, the member is asked to "choose a head of state or government, either in your own country or some other country." The member is then asked "to stimulate your psychic consciousness," take positive breaths and then visualize the leader you have chosen sitting in the center of a pyramid of light. You then repeat the sound OM, while continuing to breathe until you feel that you are within this person's body, being part of his or her whole consciousness. Is this process of assuming control of another person's consciousness, which you call 'assumption,' a form of black magic?

In Neophyte Section Atrium 2 Number 9, you state, "Rosicrucians have always distinguished two great categories of illnesses: those accompanied by fever and those not causing fever." This is the basis for your diagnosis and the basis for recommending certain breathing and energy transmission techniques involving placing the fingers on certain areas of the body adjacent to certain nerve centers. Is AMORC encouraging to diagnose and treat disease without a medical license or certification of any recognized kind whatsoever? Is it true that in your monographs you teach your members how to heal "scientifically," utilizing a combination of visualization, positioning the hands on the subject's physical body and breathing but without affording them any proof or evidence that such procedures work and without any medical or health certification whatsoever?

Take what it says in Initiate Section Degree 6 Number 19, you have the member doing the healing explain "that the whole procedure has nothing to do with any magical or occult practices, but that it involves a therapeutic practice that is entirely in keeping with the physiological laws functioning in the human body." In Initiate Section Degree 6 Number 15, you present a list that shows a certain "knowledge concerning the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system and the procedures that offer the possibility of curing most diseases." You further assert that "their efficacy has been put to the test and confirmed by scientists who are Rosicrucians." This is all very well, but why, after twenty-four years of study have I never come across any evidence whatsoever of such proof or confirmation of the validity of these practices? Don't you think it is dangerous to offer totally unverified techniques for healing a wide variety of conditions to members who might use them on themselves or others without having themselves checked out by a qualified health practitioner?

In Degree 9, No. 29, it talks about how clairvoyance is produced by attuning with Cosmic Consciousness. Can you explain to me exactly what you consider this state of consciousness you call Cosmic Consciousness to be and how it is connected to you teaching your members how to attain various occult powers- including telepathy, the ability to heal, the capacity to step into another's consciousness and manipulate their actions, the ability to contact the dead, the ability to use a crystal ball to see into the future, etc.?

Why haven't I--as a member of AMORC for 24 years and one who has passed through its higher initiations, have no kind of reasonable, demonstrable evidence that members can heal, control telepathic contact, communicate with the dead--or other so-called powers? I would particularly like to have been able to master invisibility as described in becoming invisible as in Degree 9, Number 20. Tell me, Venerated Imperator, have you seen many people become invisible recently?

Whereas I know--because of my blog and my many conversations with your Rosicrucian members over the years--that many think that your organization is somewhat liberal in its approach to life and to the upholding of democratic institutions, I cannot help but wonder if you can explain why your title in your organization is Imperator, a Latin term which is translated to Emperor in English? What is the difference between the veneration that the people of Japan had toward their Emperor before and during World War II and the devotion of the members of AMORC have to you, Christian Bernard, as their venerated Imperator?

Do you not hold power at the pleasure of a Board of Directors? But is this Board of Directors not entirely subservient to you--and isn't this election rather just a meaningless routine because your continuance in your position is somewhat of a given--like the so-called election of dictators like Fidel Castro? Would not an organization that does not truly have the authority it represents itself to have, but yet demands obedience and money from its members, be practicing a kind of fraud on the public? Is not the use of fraud to assert spiritual authority over others for the personal desires of the leadership of a group a general characteristic of a cult?

Do you fear that your tax-free status that you enjoy in various countries could be jeopardized if more governments would classify you as a cult in the same manner as the French government did in 1999?

In many of your monographs, you insist that life only begins with the first breath. And prior to that, the fetus is simply a vestigial part of the mother's body, not an independent living consciousness. How do you know that? Do you have any scientific proof correlating individual consciousness with the first breath outside the body? And does that position linking life exclusively to the first breath not lead to a definitive position on the moral viability of abortion?

In various monographs in the Mandamus sequence and elsewhere throughout the monographs, AMORC stresses the importance of the continuity of the Rosicrucian tradition. It says that there are cycles where the Order is public and cycles where it is not. Is it not the case that, despite the claims that your order has a continuity extending from the time of the Egyptian Mystery Schools, that there is not a shred of evidence you can or are willing to show to the public that can verify the truth of this continuity? Can you explain how come someone like myself, who has gone through all the relevant monographs open to its membership but hidden from the world, has never seen or experienced any competent proof of this secret history nor have heard any member show me anything that warrants such a proof?

Is it not the case that if such an historical tradition cannot be proven in the case of AMORC, even to its own members, like myself, who have achieved the highest level initiations--that AMORC, indeed, lacks the right to promote itself as a true Rosicrucian organization? Why have you never validated to me, a member who has gone through the higher initiations, this claim of historical continuity by showing me and others like me some actual, verifiable documents indicating this continuity? Why do I still completely lack any real evidence that Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin or Francis Bacon belonged to your actual order?

Is it not the case that AMORC and you have this cosmic and historically-validated authority one of the main justifications for being able to teach members the ability to attain Cosmic Consciousness? In fact, with all this emphasis on occult powers, are you really teaching anything real about Cosmic Consciousness at all? Is your organization really sanctified by a true connection to the Divine Presence as it claims?

Many religion and spiritual teachings warn against the acquisition of occult or psychic powers for its own sake. Do you feel that AMORC feels those warnings are justified?

In fact, isn't AMORC's claim that it holds a unique authority in the realm of fraternal organizations the real foundation for its ability to convey universal and practical truths to its membership with its various levels measured by specific initiations? Do you not agree that, for an organization to elicit authority from its members, that it needs to justify that authority with some kind of tangible proof? These questions, in one form or another, can be used by journalists if they are lucky enough to be able to locate Christian Bernard in a setting conducive to asking questions. Generally speaking, the pattern is to avoid reporters at all costs, and, if cornered, to change any kind of hard-hitting question into a philosophical discussion.

As you probably know from my books, my biggest complaint against AMORC is the use of Mind Control. In this context, Mind Control implies the use of hypnotic techniques to increase suggestibility, condition behavior and alter personality. This is possible because there is a thin line between meditation and hypnosis, and it is my belief that your monographs and the use of the Home Sanctum (private place in the home for reading monographs and performing Rosicrucian exercises) develop an hypnotic platform for Mind Control.

There is no question in my mind that AMORC uses Mind Control to trap and retain its members. Is not the creation of a sense of authority or power of the interrogator, hypnotist or cult leader the key to creating a mind control platform? Are not the monographs the primary tools for instilling in your members a sense of the absolute uniqueness and power of your organization for attuning its members to God's will and purposes?

One of the main ways cults gain quick control over their members is by exhausting them as quickly as possibly--usually by giving them an overwhelming amount of physical work, accomplished over long hours. Doesn't the fact that the monographs fail because of their essential untruth about being able to "program" good things to happen and the absence of acquiring the promised occult powers make serious members attribute this failure to their lack of understanding and diligence? Do they not, as dedicated members, undertake to review the monographs over and over again and also perform extensive exercises to create the conditions for their success? In addition to this repetition, do the exercises themselves begin to dominate your members' every moment--teaching you to sleep in an unnatural position, to constantly perform breathing exercises and to be writing in a diary? Is not the Rosicrucian work, despite the initial contradiction with the claims of the opening monographs, meant to dominate and control every second of the member's life?

Is it not true, given the possibility that AMORC is creating an hypnotic platform for its members, that many of their experiences--like seeing an aura or having a vision of a spiritual master or having a montage of images appear in their consciousness regarding the distant past or immanent future--be hallucinatory and deceptive as a result of deep hypnotic conditioning? For instance, when you repeat the name of a color frequently, wishing intently for it to appear, as described in the monographs, is this not just as likely to be an hallucination as it is to creating a different color through some kind of psychic manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum?

Every member of AMORC understands that the EGREGOR is a kind of divine energy pattern in which contains the seed of AMORC's power to help manifest members' connection to the divine. Has not the concept of the Egregor been raised to the level of a uniquely necessary connection to the Divine Presence so that without it members will lose their connection to God? Does not the egregor function to instill in the member a fear of leaving the Order? Is not leaving AMORC subliminally similar to being excommunicated and losing the keys to a happy afterlife?

Is not the fundamental object of every cult to create out of its members a new personality, called in Mind Control literature a "cult personality?" This new personality is the result of members "buying in" to certain claims made by the Cult leadership which makes them highly programmable, compliant with the wishes of the Cult's leaders and capable of acting fanatically in the interests of the cult. Is this not the reason that persons who are liberated from cults often have symptoms related to the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome--ranging from erratic behavior, irrational night and daymares and even blackouts of conscious, as I did? How aware are you, Venerated Imperator, of the psychological dangers for your teachings in the monographs for your most faithful and attentive members?

Isn't it true that the Spiritual Masters that AMORC speaks of with the greatest depth are actually the Spiritual Masters described in theosophical literature? And that most of the other Masters including the Master Nodin, alleged author of the "important" Nodin Mansucript, are barely described in detail or their history revealed--including some of the more famous adepts such as Benjamin Franklin or Sir Isaac Newton? Is this Cosmic Hierarchy really constituted as you claim or is this not a myth perpetuated by the founder, H. Spencer Lewis to augment the "divine authority" of the organization?